“Optimizing Commercial Properties for Maximum Returns”

How may we assist you?

We are here to support you in purchasing any commercial property that aligns with your objectives and financial plan.

Offices and co-working spaces

Offices in the UAE are a lucrative property type, attracting both local and foreign companies, as well as self-employed individuals. They offer a high rental return on investment and can be found in various locations, such as apartment complexes, shopping malls, and freestanding buildings. These spaces are versatile, serving as rental or co-working spaces.

Warehouses and showrooms

In Dubai, acquiring a warehouse is achievable in freehold-zones or freezones. The sought-after locations for warehouses include Jebel Ali, Al Quoz, Dubai Investment Park, and Ras Al Khor, known for their commercial, industrial, and port areas. Additionally, the showroom market segment is emerging and growing in popularity.

Commercial buildings

You have the option to purchase a single floor or even an entire building in popular locations like shopping and business centers. Commercial buildings encompass a variety of establishments, including fitness clubs, beauty salons, spas, clinics, and hotel apartments, among others. These properties are available for purchase or lease, catering to diverse business needs.

What is Our Working Process?

1. Conducting a market analysis in the commercial real estate sector

It is an essential part of our process at Metropolitan Premium Properties. Our team of experts thoroughly researches the market to identify properties with the highest potential for return on investment. Access to up-to-date statistical data and audit reports enables us to assess commercial properties, evaluating their risks and benefits objectively. Based on this analysis, we provide accurate predictions on the investment’s effectiveness for your business.

2. Understanding Your Requirements

If you intenduire a property for future leasing, we will performthoroughly calculaterojected passive income. Furthermore, we’ll identify potential tenants and devise a targeted promotion strategy accordingly. At Metropolitan Premium Properties, we also offer expert property management services, encompassing everything from tenant search and communication to contract preparation and facility maintenance. We take care of all the essential aspects to ensure your property is well-managed and delivers optimal returns.

3. Efficient Commercial Real Estate Sales

When it comes to selling your commercial property quickly, we’ve got you covered. Our services include leveraging both open and closed platforms to ensure favourable terms for sale. Additionally, if required, we can conduct a highly effective advertising campaign both locally in the UAE and internationally to attract potential buyers. Rest assured; we’ll work diligently to help you achieve a swift and successful sale for your commercial real estate.

4. Document Preparation Services

Our team of skilled lawyers will handle all the essential document preparation for your commercial real estate transactions. This includes drafting purchase, sale, and leaseback agreements, securing business licenses, and compiling income and expense reports. We are more than willing to offer expert guidance and advice on any aspects concerning Dubai’s commercial real estate market and the complexities of local legislation. With our legal support, you can confidently and confidently navigate the process.

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