Hydra Village

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AED 420,000

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InstallmentPercentage (%)Milestone
Down Payment 10 %On Booking
1 30 %
2 40 %
1 30 %
240 %

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Zone Type Lease Hold
Property Type Residential
Property Plan Completed
Property Owner Hydra Properties
Built Up Area 1,949,150
Max Price 2,601,000

Bloom Gardens Overview

Hydra Village, nestled within Abu Dhabi City, offers a dynamic residential experience tailored for individuals and families alike, encompassing diverse housing options and a thoughtfully designed community layout.

**Location Insights:** 

– Proximity to Major Connectivity: Positioned close to key transportation routes and highways, facilitating seamless connections across the city.
– Residential Hub: A meticulously planned community providing varied housing choices that cater to different needs and budgetary considerations.

**Architectural Harmony:**

– Contemporary yet Functional: The architectural design seamlessly merges modern aesthetics with practical functionality, fostering a harmonious living environment.
– Resident Safety: Ensured by round-the-clock security personnel and advanced surveillance systems, prioritizing residents’ safety and peace of mind.

**Location Proximity to Essential Landmarks (in kilometers):**

– Abu Dhabi International Airport: Approximately 15 kilometers
– Parks (e.g., Khalifa Park): Varies within a 20-kilometer radius
– Major Malls (e.g., Abu Dhabi Mall): Approximately 25 kilometers
– City Center: Approximately 30 kilometers

**Amenities and Facilities:**

– Green Spaces: Abundance of parks and verdant areas offering residents a tranquil retreat for relaxation.
– Sports Facilities: Dedicated sports amenities such as tennis courts, basketball courts, and football fields promoting an active lifestyle.
– Retail and Dining: Accessible retail outlets and dining venues ensuring convenience and entertainment within the community.
– Community Center: Equipped for social gatherings, events, and recreational activities.
– Mosques: Strategically located mosques for residents’ convenience in practicing their religious beliefs.
– Education Facilities: Proximity to reputable educational institutions and nurseries, catering to families’ needs.

**Variety in Room Types:**

– Apartments: Spacious configurations including studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units.
– Townhouses: Well-designed, offering two or three bedrooms, ensuring ample living space and privacy.
– Villas: Luxurious options available in three, four, or five-bedroom configurations, offering exclusivity and spaciousness.

**Investment Appeal:**

– Affordability: Relative affordability compared to other residential areas in Abu Dhabi City, making it enticing for first-time buyers and investors.
– Rental Demand: High rental demand due to its location and community amenities, ensuring long-term rental income prospects.
– Capital Appreciation Potential: Potential for future value appreciation due to ongoing infrastructure developments and the city’s economic growth, making it an attractive long-term investment.
– Family-Friendly Environment: Family-oriented facilities and proximity to educational institutions make it an ideal choice for families seeking a conducive living environment.

Investing in Hydra Village, Abu Dhabi City, presents an enticing prospect with its diverse housing options, community amenities, and promising potential for long-term growth and investment returns.

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